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The BJ Refuse story

BJ Refuse is a registered waste management company with over 25 years of experience in refuse removal, recycling, and composting. We are a family owned business who strives to provide our clients with innovative, easy to access recycling solutions. Over the years we have built a strong business community, creating jobs and servicing both residential and commercial businesses.

We pride ourselves in delivering a bespoke service to our clients, starting from our onsite evaluation, manufacturing customized bins - tailored to your premises, to implementing a streamlined waste management system. Completing it with your monthly recycling report, allowing you to track your progress in contributing towards a Greener South Africa.

Being proud members of ORASA (Organics Recycling association of South Africa) and the Institute of Waste Management of South Africa – enables us to remain current on International recycling trends.

Our Services

24/7 Collection Services

Customized Bins & Frames

Once Off Collection

Monthly Collections

Monthly recycling reports


Our Mission

The BJ Refuse goal is to empower our local community through job creation as well as building long standing relationships with clients and suppliers a like, with a focused effort on customer experience.

Our Vision

We have a deep desire to be a part of the solution that sees our natural environment being restored. Our vision is to educate our city around recycling and helping the public become more aware of how they can improve and lead a environmentally conscious life.

Contact Us

72 Sutton Road
Port Elizabeth


Bjorn: 082 653 4045

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